Longevity Livin Mission Statement 

Longevity Livin was founded with the mission to provide people with the tools they need to transform their homes into zones of physical and mental well-being. We are part of the growing belief that our modern society comes with many curses, things that weakens and poisons our body and mind. We use ancient remedies, in modern forms, to give you the tools to live at your fullest potential. Our most important task is, from the second we interact with you, to give you the best possible experience. 

While we sell top-tier, best priced goods of the highest quality, that is not our only purpose. We are a company that strives to educate and influence the people we reach to take steps towards a healthier, more fulfilled and happy life, a life of longevity, not just customers.

Core Values

Every step we take we take to move us closer to these core values.

To Provide each and every one of our customers with an unmatched excellence in both quality of goods and interaction: whether it is a friendly chat on our website, a consulting call for your purchase, accurate shipping times, warranties. - Our deepest wish is that you walk away from Longevity Livin happier than you came.


Responsibility 1 - Our customers:

This is our most important task, and it is about you, because it is you who use the products that we provide. It is you to whom we are pledged to provide brilliance. Brilliance from the moment you see our name, to the moment our product sits in your backyard, enriching your life. Our goal is to provide you the best possible products in our niche.

Responsibility 2 - Our Employees:

 At Longevity, we do not simply employ, we create teams. Teams of which the members can grow, develop and cherish. We reward you for dedication, effort and value, and the chance to develop your skillsets, learn new ones and grow as human beings. 

Responsibility 3 - Our Brand Partners: 

Our third responsibility is toward our Brand Partners. We strive to promote your products that aligns with our values wherever possible, and where it will promote them in the best light possible. We put great pride in our ability to being prompt, organized, and efficient with our order submission processes, and work swiftly and efficient with any order-related issue that we might face together and deal with them as they arrise. We are quick in response, proffessional and friendly in all supplier-related interactions. 

 What We Offer

We at Longevity Livin are passionate about home wellnes and health products. Saunas of all types, cold plunge bathtubs and hopefully a wider product catalogue in the future, filled with products from A-Z that optimizes your health and heals your body, from the vecinity of your home. We aim to be the #1 place Biohackers come for their luxury home products. 

Brands We Offer

OxyNova Hyperbaric, Auroom Saunas, Barrels by Thermory, Edge Theory Labs, Edge Theory Labs, IceBarrel, HotAssSaunas, Harvia, Huum, Tylö, Amerec and our family is growing by the week.

Who We Serve

We serve all individuals that care for their body and mind. We serve all that has fallen victim to the living standards of todays society, with minimal exercise, a busy mind, a body filled with garbage. We are here to serve you, who wants to boost their health and enjoy a healthy body from the comfort of their home. 


Thank you for choosing Longevity Livin for all your biohacking needs!

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